Mobile Apps: New Library Branding Opportunity

From my March 2013 column in Computers in Libraries magazine.  Column title:  “Using Apps to Extend the Library’s Brand”

“Our first reaction to the app revolution was to design our own, particularly to link to online catalogs and e-journals. But in a few short years, the array of apps, both those that got their start in the library world and those that are commercial, have enabled tablets and smartphones to do two things quite effectively. The first is to create an enjoyable online experience that fits on your phone and tablet, offering many kinds bibliographic service in a convenient way. The second is the more tantalizing: the app ecosystem is giving libraries a new opportunity to “brand” their services by placing them on a treasured high tech “toy” that people carry with them everywhere.”

Computers in Libraries 33 (No.2), March 2013, pp 27-29

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