My December Column in Computers in Libraries: “Making Our Own Futures.”

Computers in Libraries magazine usually devotes its December issues to trend-spotting and future-casting. In that end of year spirit, I take a look at “additive manufacturing” (aka 3D printing), “Zoomable user interfaces (ZUIs), “Unsourcing” (I love that use of irony), and widely distributed Print on Demand.  Have a look at the December issue of CIL.

“Makerspaces” in the Library: They’re Here

At 1 p.m. CDT on Oct. 17, the Public Library Association (PLA) hosted a live, hour-long webinar, “ Make Way for Makerspaces at the Library” (PLA login required for this site. The presentation was given by Lauren Britton, transliteracy development director at the Fayetteville (N.Y.) Free Library, and creator of the first public library makerspace, the Fayetteville Fab Lab.

Makerspaces are innovative spots that introduce patrons to tools, like 3D printers and makerbots, not normally found in the library and offer patrons the opportunity to explore their interests, use new tools and develop creative projects. During this PLA webinar, participants will learn all about makerspaces including what they are, why public libraries should think about developing them and what elements need to be incorporated. The presentation covered projects, programming ideas and examples of current library makerspaces.