Blake Carver: “Three Start-ups That Could Change The Market?” –Here’s My Fave

Blogger and all-around newshound Blake Carver is doubling as an emerging technology spotter (and has been doing so for years!).   Check out his post titled Three Start-ups That Could Change The Market? for a good read.

Of these three–all of which are intriguing by the way–his third pick is the most compelling potential game changer in my opinion:  BookShout!

If you entrust them with your personal data, they will aggregate your Kindle bookshelf and make an ebook library for you–one that you have already paid for, and so it would have to be regard as an authorized activity. Blake rightly describes the “hook” for this venture as the usage of loopholes at Amazon and Nook; I can’t help wondering if those loopholes will stay open…